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Creative alchemy dawns from the innerstanding that each person has within them, everything they need to heal,

love and evolve.


Our unique creative expression is our own medicine for self-healing, transformation & harmonizing.

It is about surrendering to a journey beyond any fixed conception of Identity and attachments to Logic. About leaning into deep curiosity and openness to experience the fullness of who & what you actually are as Frequency.

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"Creativity is a sacred lens that allows us to look upon the ordinary and see the extraordinary."

If we are meeting in this moment, trust you are responding to a deep KNOWING that you are so much more than you think you are.

I am a natural born artist / scientist / alchemist with a decade of self-directed embodied research / seeking on human potential. 

Through many challenging life/ death/ life portals, I started merging all disciplines and fields Ive studied into a creative multi-sensory practice of Alchemy that has allowed me to turn my pain into beauty.


My life is an ode to the interconnectedness of All That Is and a revival of Sacred Play in our culture. I create expansive experiences that guide us in moving through the limitations of the thinking mind to experiencing what it truly means to be ALIVE.

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There has never been a more important time to awaken to yourself in this way and re-member yourself as a Creator of Worlds & Protector of Life.


From this place of re-membering, we can change the world, from the inside out. 


- Ashley -

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