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  Creative Alchemy


Welcome darling,

it is so lovely to have you here. 

I am Ashley Alchemist :)


I am a playful multi-disciplinary artist, expressive arts for wellness facilitator, musician and permaculturist.


On my path of passionately exploring the human potential, I have found that beyond the stories we tell ourselves, our attachments & the words we use to create our identity, LIFE is truly an Art Form. Every person is made up of a myriad of dimensions. Every situation, an invitation for us to discover ourselves more deeply; an opportunity to be consciously expressed as both energy & matter. Every instant is rich with every imaginable possibility. Your reality, moment to moment, is like going for a swim in the ocean of destiny. But are you a good swimmer?

With curiosity as my compass, I have taken the roads less travelled, embraced the unknowns, explored the taboos, got comfortable with being uncomfortable and truly gave myself permission to reinvent myself as many times as inspired to. Born an artist who can speak all the art forms, I dove enthusiastically in the self-directed studies of sciences, stewarding the Natural world & sacred teachings of spirituality.  At every turn I discovered a self-organizing intelligence, beauty & astounding creativity within the magic of all Creation.

My life is an ode to the beauty & interconnectedness of All That Is. 


I specialize in creative expansion practices that harmonize the 3 main spheres of life we navigate on a daily basis so you can enjoy life through BEING the Creator you are.


Ecosystem Consciousness

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The Alchemy of Expression

"I greet you from the other side of sorrow and despair with a love so vast and shattered it will reach you everywhere."

- Leonard Cohen -

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Kreatrix Palace

A sacred studio where spirit and art meet. A mix between a temple space and art & jam studio. Rent this amazing space for your ceremony or event!

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Youtube Channel

"The role of the Artist is to make the revolution irresistible."

 - Toni Cade Cambarayou -

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Sacred Storytelling

Discover a spiritual approach to what we consider branding to share who you are with the world in the most authentic way possible! 

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