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We believe in the Oneness of all beings

It is time to set in motion what you have come here to ignite in your life. Sharing ourselves with others & opening our lives to community is the foundational step of tapping into the collective abundance within All that is.


Throughout history, incredible paradigm shifts, transformations, opportunities, alliances and revolutions have happened when people came together as a community.


Each affecting change by sharing their unique voice and perspectives with the whole. For you, this starts today within Rebel Seeds and we are so excited to discover who you are and all the ways your participation will elevate us all. 

As a Rebel Seed you take part in creating fertile grounds, inside & out, for a New World to emerge. 


Inspire resilience alongside other artists, creatives, visionaries, empaths, healers & leaders.

Feel at home within a community united for change that cultivates trust in each other, seeding real friendships & collaborations.

Monthly Membership



A unique community experience that will redefine how you connect with yourself, others and the world.

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Be fully supported in deepening your ability to move past fear & face every challenge ahead with grace & trust in yourself. From emotional agility to permaculture, we got you.

Enjoy all the appeal of being on social media while only seeing content that actually elevates you and your purpose. 


Nurture your healing connection to ancestral wisdom & spirituality through a grounded & relatable Elemental Journey. 

Be fully supported in deepening your ability to move past fear & face every challenge ahead with grace & trust in yourself. From emotional agility to permaculture, we got you.


Monthly community calls to connect & share together.


Monthly themes, teachings, practices & guests.


Community discounts on all additional offerings, courses and annual retreats.


Give back! 5% of all memberships go towards supporting the projects and vision of our community members. The success of each is the success of all.


This membership also includes a unique Sisterhood & Brotherhood experience to powerfully rise into our fullest expressions, side by side.

Monthly Membership

Meet Ashley - portrait.png

How Rebel Seeds came to be...

It all comes together here & now with you."

- Rebel Seeds Founder, Marie Ashley Nelson

"This community is a modern day adaptation of the experience of Oneness we all seek. Rebel Seeds has been many years in the making, ignited by the Earth herself whispering to my Creature heart that I was to create a place of profound change through community building.


I've answered this call in so many ways all throughout my life as an entrepreneur, designer, artist, healer and maverick, adding more and more dimensions to mastering the art of living with purpose & designing experiences of deep transformational change and connection.


The elemental journey and topics of self-expansion within this community are the humble fruit of my life's calling, passions, curiosities, research, gifts, expertise, experiences and untamable Love for Life up until now. Everything I have ever loved & embodied comes together in this project as a symphony for change. 

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