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Rental Details


Photo: Bianca Lecompte


Thank you so much for your interest in the space. Here is some information to make the most out of your time in this magical place.



  • Wifi Connection

  • Full bathroom & kitchen

  • Dynamic & colorful lighting for evening events

  • Plug and play sound system + a mixer with 5 inputs

  • Artwork gallery rail on one wall that can hold up to 10 art pieces

* The space has a few floor pillows and blankets available for a group of 6. Please bring any necessary additional yoga mats, pillows and kitchen ware (plates, cups).


  • No pets allowed

  • No smoking cigarettes allowed

  • Not suitable for "partying"

  • Making music is allowed using acoustic instruments or feeding electronic instruments into the mixer & sound monitors on site, however this is not a "jam space". Drum kits or the use of loud amped instruments is not suitable. The studio is only minimally sound proofed & situated in a residential building. But rest assured, lots of musical fun can be had in this space while remaining respectful of sound levels for neighbors :)

  • No shoes or food allowed on rugs or couches.

  • When moving furniture or wearing heels, please be mindful to avoid scratching the floors or damaging carpets.

  • Please return anything that has been used or moved from its original place before leaving. Thanks :)


For events where participants will be lying down on yoga mats on the floor, the space can comfortably host 10 to 15 people.

For standing or seated events, the studio can comfortably host up to 20 people.


- Minimum 2 hour rental
- 1 day means 6 hours
- Any additional hour will be added according to the hourly fare.
- Weekly rentals are for film shoots, art exhibits, retreats or ongoing events. Not available for sleeping onsite.

★ COVID-19 ★

Please wash your hands upon arriving, cancel reservation if you have any symptoms or were exposed to someone who tested positive. Take all necessary health precautions you deem necessary for your rental situation & wipe down surfaces touched with the disinfectant provided onsite before leaving. This is a space of collective consideration & responsible free choice. 


Just a few blocks from the historical waterfront park of Lachine, just a 25 min drive from downtown Montreal. Always plenty of free parking all around.


Public transport takes you to the corner of the street with bus 496-O from Lionel-Groulx metro station. For accessibility considerations, the studio is on the ground floor with only one stair step to enter the space.

Click on the link below for inquiries or to request a visit of the space.

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